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Reader question :Please explain “be his guest ” in this sentence : He didn ‘t say anything but his facial expressions said be his guest .

Reader question:文章源自多老师网-

Please explain "be his guest" in this sentence: He didn't say anything but his facial expressions said be his guest.文章源自多老师网-

My comments:文章源自多老师网-

In other words, go ahead.文章源自多老师网-

Apparently here the speaker wants to do something and seeks "his" approval. He does not speak but from his facial expressions, we can tell he gives the nod, he gives the go ahead. His approval is given.文章源自多老师网-

Generously given, as if he were the generous host and the speaker was his guest at a banquet or home visit.文章源自多老师网-

For that's where the expression "be my guest" comes from. You know, you ask the host "Can I have a second helping of this?" The host replies: "Be my guest." That means yes, go ahead, feel free.文章源自多老师网-

Hence, metaphorically speaking, to say "be my guest" is to give the go ahead. In other words, you're welcome. Do as you wish. Let me be your host. Please enjoy my hospitality, etc.文章源自多老师网-

Of course, hosts can feign it, too. You ask to do something they don't want you to do, they may also say: "Again? Be my guest. Sure." You should know they're not very enthusiastic about it.文章源自多老师网-

All right, here are recent media examples of "be my guest" and its variations:文章源自多老师网-

1. Of all the lies that cooking tells us, the greatest is how long it takes to caramelize alliums.文章源自多老师网-

If you're following a recipe for cake, it'll (likely) tell you accurately how long to bake it in the oven. If you'd like to boil an egg, you can find multiple guides which will tell you the exact moment to pull it out to achieve your desired level of yolk consistency.文章源自多老师网-

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