Bait and switch? 诱饵替换

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Reader question :Please explain “bait and switch “, as in : One of the false advertising practices is bait and switch .

Reader question:文章源自多老师网-

Please explain "bait and switch", as in: One of the false advertising practices is bait and switch.文章源自多老师网-

My comments:文章源自多老师网-

False advertising, as name suggests, refers to advertising that provides false information.文章源自多老师网-

One of such practices is bait and switch. Bait, as in fish bait, refers to something enticing or appetizing. For example, a double hamburger ad may show a hamburger so large in size that a customer is led to believe that it's large enough to feed a family of four. In actual experience, the customer finds that the said hamburger is so small that his teen-age son eats two of them by himself.文章源自多老师网-

Perhaps I'm exaggerating a bit, a little bit.文章源自多老师网-

Switch, as in bait and switch, is what happens in the above example: replacing the large hamburger in advertisements with a small one in the restaurant.文章源自多老师网-

In other words, you're right - bait and switch is a form of cheating. It's not right. Unhappy and angry customers may feel like bringing the hamburger restaurant to court.文章源自多老师网-

That is, in the worst case scenario. Normally, customers may choose to swallow their dissatisfaction and never visit the said restaurant again.文章源自多老师网-

Anyways, bait and switch as a business practice is dishonest, unethical and just wrong.文章源自多老师网-

There's really no appetizing way of putting it.文章源自多老师网-

All right, here are media examples of bait and switch - showing one thing enticing (bait) and replacing it with another (switch):文章源自多老师网-

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